Where Are Americans Whom My Eyes Look For?

A Potawatomi Chief

There were Tom, George, Alicia and many more known by different tongue twisting names. Hector told me to pronounce his name as Ector keeping first alphabet H silent. Kashi Ram often chit chatted with me by the side of his shelter houses “Oldie Inn” given on rent to Social Welfare Department for accommodating homeless. Another Spanish speaking Monica talked to my daughter Priyanka addressing her as “Brianca.”

Then there were Mongoloids, Caucasians, Negroes and hybrids. I always searched American amongst them. I happened to visit one of the most crowded city that housed a beautiful museum displaying robes, tribal dresses, arrows, feathered hats, dresses and other paraphernalia of Red Indians. Three hours passed in three minutes as I, engrossed with the thoughts and scenes of Aboriginals once peaceful residing in the land of their own country dressed in thick robes of woollen fabrics with feather tagged caps, was watching the artefacts. More I looked at the antiques, more I got distracted from the serene ambience that the hall presented. Lost and aloof in the crowd of onlookers, the tale of woes of Indians how they lost their lands to the mighty and powerful, their faiths violated, kids separated from parents and forced to live in convents and their final exodus from their own lands dying of hunger, starvation and diseases on the way thus leaving behind trail of tears, were vividly appearing on the screen of my mind. Then there buzzed the siren signalling that the museum would be closed after fifteen minutes. Reliving their pathetic tales needed years to comprehend. Dismissed and defeated I left the museum for my temporary abode.

The other day while on morning walk, I read an arrow sign leading to Potawatomi forests. It was reminiscent of Potawatomi tribe which once lived here on the land of Shikaawa or present day Chicago where once wild onions and wild garlics grew. This forest had grown in their camaraderie which was now lost for eternity. Its instincts had failed to sense at that time, the separation would be severance for ever and nothing could reunite them. It will be a relic that reminds once Potawatomi had lived here. Now they are nowhere found, their civilisation turning into mythical stories that start with ‘once upon a time.’

Where are they? I have come here to see them, converse with them and exchange notes of similarities and dissimilarities of our lives with them. They are not seen here. Even my four months stay here could not find any sign of them. Will I ever find them again living on their own land, moving on roads, running their own businesses and living lives according to their own culture and traditions. Where are the Americans? Where are the sons of this soil? Where are their arrows and bows? Where are they riding on the horses backs donning caps with feathers atop? Will someone help me in finding them? My cataracted eyes vainly search them.


Credit goes to https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Me-Te-A,_A_Pottawatomie_Chief._(15247213874).jpg#mw-jump-to-license for photograph “Original title Me-Te-A, A Pottawatomie Chief.”

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Author is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.



“Paradhin Supnehu Sukh Nahi, in devanagri script written as ”पराधीन सपनेहूँ सुख नाहीं,” means “those who are dependent can never be happy, not only in their real life but in their dreams also.” There is nothing more valuable than ones freedom. Freedom to do what one feels like, freedom to live in ones own way, freedom to think independently are synonymous with happiness. In the pages of history book, North America was occupied by English, French and Spanish as these three were formidable in arms and weaponry as compared to Aboriginals who had only traditional bows and arrows. American territories that were closest to England, France and Spain, were forcibly occupied and were expanded deep into America. As the American continent was isolated from the rest of world by oceans Atlantic on one side and Pacific on the other, development could not reach native Indians. To add salt to the injury, offsprings of natives who once worshipped natural forces like Wind, Water, Sky, Rain, Sun were shifted to convents where they lost whatsoever was left of their culture and language.


With the passage of time those who had settled in America and also some tribes of natives, were feeling suffocated by the policies of English rulers. Natives however considered English better than the settlers and joined hands with them. Settler Americans fought the victorious battle against the English and liberated America on 4th July.

From there on, this day is celebrated with pomp and show throughout America as Independence Day. A day before fourth July, celebrations start in the evening when one finds the sky reverberating the sound of crackers. It was my good luck, being in America, I was witness to this gala acoustics.

Last night, I had the feeling as if a Barat (marriage party) were passing by my residence. Dismissing this idea on realising I was in America and the noise above a fixed decibels is a serious violation, I pondered why Diwali* like ambience was being created. I could not find the plausible explanation.

But the next day on morning walk, finding few cars which otherwise crowd the well maintained macadamised roads plus the commercial establishments also closed with the signboards reading,”We are closed today in remembrance of Independence Day,” cleared the picture to me. America is celebrating Independence Day and this day will climax into grand fireworks in the evening at selected places throughout America.

I also join American brothers in their celebrations.

Happy Independence Day to you all Americans!

It is a time to rejoice, there is nothing like freedom. Goswami Tulsi Das** more than 500 years back aptly realised the miseries of dependence and penned the lines, “ Paradhin Supnehu Sukh Nahi.”


Note: Image courtesy footprintsholistic.com.

             *Diwali is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated on the occasion of return of Lord Rama to His home after complrtion of exile of fourteen years. It is a festival of light when all houses shops and dwelling places are cleared and cleaned then illuminated with candles and lights. 

            ** Goswami Tulsi Das was a saint and  poet of sixteen century. He composed Ramcharit Manas in Hindi. Ramcharit Manas is a holy book giving account of life of Lord Rama. 

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Author is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.


A Candle Is Lit

Traveling to a foreign land is always full of uncertainties if one is over thinker particular about petty matters and also happens to be acquainted with custom laws of the country one is visiting. A food item carried by one as meal at airport can be worrisome if it could not be consumed due to business in boarding and allied matters. If one goes through “Customs Declaration Form” for disclosing the items including food, in possession of the flier, everything one is carrying appear suspicious. What one will do with the left over food being carried inadvertently, is a million dollars question. Apparently, carriage of such eatables, though lacks mens rea, yet can put one to grave trouble. The other day, it was reported in the papers that a lady carrying an apple given as compliment by the flight attendant staff, was fined heavily on account of breach of custom laws although the country imposing penalty was a pass over destination and not the final one. Such incidents plus stringent custom laws generally cause worry and uncomfortable situation when one enters foreign land although one has taken all precautions not to contravene laws.

Being in the know of custom laws after its short study before departure, discomfort was still clearly writ on the face of Dev when plane landed. He was uncertain of the forthcoming events although he had completely complied with the provisions of applicable laws. Declaration form duly filled in, in his pocket, he along with his wife followed the fellow passengers presuming they were moving in right direction for custom clearance. Rightly, they were proceeding to the officials of custom clearance. There were his compatriots and other travellers from neighbouring Asian countries flown by some other plane that also reached about same time as his plane. Making sure that he had reached the correct place, he was asked to enter his particulars in the Computer though the particulars had already been described in the form kept in his pocket. Probably the system had been revised and made paperless thus obviating the need of the form.

To his disappointment, there were no instruction books to guide him how to enter the particulars in the Computer. Not being adept in data entry and also as he was in his twilight years with signs of wrinkles appearing on his face, he sought the help of a compatriot who himself was entering his particulars. He assured Dev he would help him after he finished his work. However Dev found that he was also struggling while entering the data, in such a situation, he preferred seeking help of custom official. A lady on duty was present there probably to help the travellers. When Dev requested in his Indianised English, she was able to understand his phonetics, presumably she must have been a settler here. Her accent proved, she was originally from some Latin American country.

There was a concern and worry on Dev’s face when he requested this lady official to enter his particulars in the Computer. However, she without reading the concern of a foreigner, replied that she would not enter the data but would provide him assistance in the form of instructions as how to enter the data. She gave him then some instructions while standing where she was and without going to the desk where the computer was kept. When Dev reached the computer, series of instructions given were not helpful as he still did not know how to proceed. He tried but in vain. He then looked for his compatriot for help, he had also already left.

He requested the lady official again to help him out of the situation but she did not budge. It appeared as if the computer was untouchable for her and she wanted Dev to try himself. His situation was similar to that of a driver who knew very well how to drive a vehicle but was unable to pass the driving test, as being illiterate, answering questions was beyond his skill. It is the question answering skill that matters in the driving test rather than the driving skill. Here also, it was his data entry skill that mattered than the fact that he had abided by all the rules and instructions. He was able to submit declaration in black and white but his lack of skill in data entry was the obstacle. Skill in data entry had the preference over the abiding by the custom laws.

Technology has made life easy and efficient but compulsory enforcement of technology where manual operations are easier, can not be considered a right step. One experiences in service sector particularly in Banks that in some cases, operations performed on computers take more time than performed manually. Whether it is the cautions exercised by the computer operators sitting in the banks or it is the computer that takes longer time in performing operations, is irrelevant as the customer wants disposal of his work promptly. It is also observed, help of calculating machine is taken even for simple arithmetic operators that could otherwise be easily performed orally.

Too much dependence on these devices has made us computer dependent and that retards the moving wheels of progress. Dependence itself is not a right attitude whereas self reliance is unparalleled. We are forgetting how to write efficiently, how to spell word correctly, how to remember telephone numbers, addresses of our nears and dears. What will happen if these devices stop functioning, is left to the imagination of readers. There were chaos at International Airport at Delhi when it suffered power failure a few years back. Complete system at the airport failed in the absence of electricity. This is the disadvantage of complete dependence upon machines. Even machines can malfunction and to avoid that do you think it would be proper to install another machine to monitor the first one? A number of machines then will be cascaded to ensure foolproof functioning. Would it be worthwhile?

Advancement of technology does not mean doing away with manual operations, operations done manually are sacred and need combination with technology so that one supports the other rather than one replaces the other. Such an approach which I call, hybrid, is the need of the hour.

Likewise replacement of the practice of physical submission of declaration forms with entry of data in Computer also needs hybrid approach, an approach that makes use of salient features of computer and manual operations. In such a system, a declaration form can be filled up as usual and then inserted in the scanner for optical mark recognition, this will solve the purpose. This will also avoid data entry to the ease of travellers.

Faced with the problem of data entry, Dev made another request to the lady official to help him out. This time she moved along with him to the place where the Computer was kept but again asked him to operate the computer. Dev was now helpless, when one finds oneself helpless, one prays to Almighty or His human beings for tiding one out of difficult situation. He was in same situation, he asked the official, “Do you go to a religious place for prayer? How would you feel if your workplace were your religious place and your official work your prayer? How would you feel if your help to needy and out of place travellers were accepted by Jesus Christ as His best worship by you? How would you feel if you were granted exemption from going to church in view your help extended to the needy? Do you know the purpose the travellers are here from their native land after crossing seven seas?”

She was silent but was listening to him intently without interruption. She was lost in search of finding replies to his questions. Her silence and intent listening were obvious acceptance of what Dev wanted to impress upon.

Dev, in stead of waiting for her replies, volunteered to answer himself and pleaded, “Very few travellers are here for merry making, they all have compulsions that brought them before you in the strange land where food, clothes, language, environment, culture, everything is different. If there were any similarities, these are that they are humans, they have the same feelings, same feelings of happiness, of pain, of separation, of union and love. Some are here to meet their loved ones, some to look after their ailing kins, some to study further after advancing loans, everyone has a compulsion that dragged them here. You, official on duty can help them, can reduce their sufferings, by patting them on their back, assuring them of positive results and even welcoming them with your helpful smiles. These gestures are treasures of wealth that Almighty has given us including you in in-consumable quantity and He has also directed us to shower these on all needy.”

Referring to the lady, Dev continued, “You are lucky, you have been assigned the duty here, you can operate the computer yourself for the helpless and alienated travellers who look up to you for help. They are needy and God has assigned you, specially you this duty of assisting the travellers and He has chosen you as most capable for it. By helping them, you are worshipping Him and you are also performing your official duties diligently. It is a win win situation for you.”

Before Dev could complete his pleading request, the lady official stood by his side and started assisting him and entering the particulars herself where Dev found difficulties. After disposal of the work, when Dev saw her face, she was smiling and there was unseen satisfaction clearly writ on her face. She kept smiling continuously as a player continues smiling after winning the match.

Thanking the lady official, Dev proceeded to custom clearance window. When he turned back and saw the lady official again, she still had the smile of satisfaction. While he stood in the long queue waiting for his turn, his eyes again searched for that official. To his pleasant surprise, she was seen entering herself the particulars of another passenger who had also found himself at sea with the data entry. She was completely transformed and changed, she was kind and helpful, arrogance and haughtiness had vanished, she was looking godsend angel now.

Dev’s face lit up with smile, the smile that radiates satisfaction, that satisfaction which is a bliss and incomparable with worldly gains. A candle is lit, it will lit another and their light will dispel the darkness giving hopes, service to needy will be one day the way of life.


N.B. Major part of the story is based on real life incident.


1.Title image courtesy https://skift.com/2013/05/23/chicago-ohare-will-be-first-u-s-airport-to-get-expedited-passport-screening/

2. Image 2, courtesy https://goo.gl/images/JH5dA6

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Author is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.

Walk In Unforeseen Land

Monotonicity bores, change refreshes and therefore, it is always welcome. For the last three weeks, I have been traversing up and down the same route while on morning walk. I was so used to this route that by seeing a crossing, I could tell how many kilometres I have walked. Adopting a new passage for walk for a foreigner who had spoken Punjabi only throughout his life and was unable to decipher the local slang of settlers, seems losing like Alice in wonderland.

Footpath Along Milwaukee Road

However, moving on the set path also was painfully boring. Therefore, mustering up my courage and taking screenshots of the route from Google Map, I ventured to go on different route. I moved straight on Milwaukee Road instead of taking a right bend on Lake Cook Rd. and passing by the

Milwaukee Road And Lake Cook Road Over-bridge

side of Westin Hotel, I walked straight till I met junction of Milwaukee Rd and Dundee Rd. To my good luck, there was a signal facilitating crossing of foot walkers. I pressed the robust weather proof metallic button mounted on steel pole and waited for appearance of “move signal” which soon appeared displaying a running man and suggesting me to cross.

Dundee Rd which always remains crowded, to my surprise, was not densely frequented by speeding cars, contrarily it presented a deserted look particularly when it crossed river Des Plaines.

Des Plaines River

A look at River Des Plaines indicated it was flowing so slowly that it was difficult to make out which direction it was moving, north to south or south to north. Stooping branches of trees at its bank looked as if these had wanted to have a close embrace with water.

Ahead on the road were long sloping leads of “road over bridge,” I could then witness a beautiful sight of a residential colony. A small lake, wooden houses with slanting roofs for facilitating sliding of the downpour and snow, quiet and serene ambience were sufficient enough for me to fly my imagination about heaven. It will not be exaggeration if I say I felt like staying there, there in heavenly surroundings. Who will accept me? I would be an unwanted guest with brown complexion and worn out clothes giving the look of a hostile. Ah! Wishes are seldom fulfilled!

Occupied with these thoughts on crossing the bridge, there found some shops and a big signboard saying “Goodwill.”

Author At Goodwill Store Northbrook

Yes, Goodwill of Americans, the goodwill that has not been seen by me elsewhere even after dragging my frame for sixty five years, the goodwill that equals that of George Price, theoretical biologist, the goodwill which is sold and bought by Americans in this store, the goodwill that will alleviate the sufferings of special persons. My mind was so much filled with these thoughts that I don’t know when I reached the store where altruistic acts performed are making and will further make America great. Greatness does not only lie in prosperity as we generally think but greatness lies how much we care for those who have not. Those who have, are already great, should we not then give those who have not to bring them at par in greatness with us. My head bowed in reverence for such schools of goodwill where greatness is taught. Paying my obeisance to this store where Goodwill Of American lies stored and also to those who donate to these, I looked at my phone where “Move” was displaying faithfully that I have walked for one hour. Now it was time to return.

Following strictly the traffic rules, I reached Milwaukee crossing. There stood the building of Walgreens Pharmacy which is America second largest health care chain of stores.

Walgreens At Crossing Of Dundee Road And Milwaukee Road

In early nineteen hundred, a drugs and medicines store was established in Chicago by one named Walgreen. It spread its wing in business and 1920 was its peak year when there was enforcement of prohibition and Walgreen was able to sell in abundance alcohol and its products, of course, under medical prescriptions.

Flower Laden Tress Nearby Walgreen

Fortune knocks once everybody’s door, it knocked the door of Mr. Walgreen also and he opened it. Thereafter, Walgreens didn’t look back. With merger and expansion, Walgreens now is second largest after CVS pharmacy in selling medicines and goods of health care.

With these thoughts in mind, I realised I have reached crossing where by the side of building of Walgreens nature was at its best. In the vicinity of this building, trees were laden with blooming pink flowers. Dabs of pinkish hue were distinguishing otherwise blue sky. Late but not the least, spring has finally visited this part of the world after witnessing wintery heavy snowfall and chilly winds.

Moving by these exquisite surroundings, I could not feel, it was already thirty minutes past ten, excess calories had already been burnt, hunger had distracted my thoughts to the tastes of various recipes and my mouth was drooling, I hastened my steps and reached “The Green,” which was assuring me that my residence was at a stone’s throw. The Green At Chevy Chase At Buffalo Grove

Two hours of walk had already burnt more than six hundred fifty calories which were sufficient to reduce the level of glucose for the relief of diabetic. Don’t you think compulsory walk for a diabetic like me was a blessing in disguise as it provided a chance to walk in unforeseen land and observe the surroundings closely and minutely appreciating their beauty?



Image Des Plaines River courtesy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Des_Plaines_River#/media/File%3ADes_Plaines_River_Lake_County_Illinois.jpg

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Author is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.

Wonder Relation In Mathematics

Where do you reside?”

“In front of Post office.”

“Where is then post office?”

“It is in front of my house.” The answer has baffled all at one time or the other as the reference is related and is not fixed. In fact, both locations are the reference for one another. That makes the location not only unlocatable but puts one into never ending loop of hopping from one location to the other. Such loops are called closed and never ending.

But where is mathematics involved in it? Per Se there appears no mathematics in it but in mathematics, there are abundant such situations where there are such unending loops. I recollect vividly as a teacher of computer programming way back in eighties, I used to make programme involving loops based on mathematics questions, language at that time was simple ‘basic’ and commands were go to that line and from that back to original to puzzle the calculating machine. But machines are beyond nervousness and confusion. To my amusement, Computer when asked to display the status used to indicate, “Still calculating.” Hardly the machine knew, it had been put in never ending task.

Coming to my initial question of location of John’s house, if John says, his house is situated in front of Post Office in Peter Lane, then reference as Post Office is fixed but one when goes to Post Office, there one finds, Post Office is comprised of a huge building and there are a number of houses in front of that building and John’s house can not be found. Again John will be contacted and he informs, it is a grey coloured house in front of telegraph section of Post Office. But there are a number of grey houses in front of that section. On again inquiring, John replies, it is in front of cashier’s window. In situation highlighted here, there is a loop but it is localising on each cycle thus reaching nearby its destination. Such loops in mathematics are called convergent loops. Relationship of Post Office and house is called recursive relation.

Hope, I could clarify the concept of recursive relation. Such recursive relations have charismatic effects and can land mathematicians in new unexplored land of mathematics. Continued fractions, continued Ramanujan nested radicals, continued products are gifts given by such relations.

I take up some examples to bring home further the concept of recursive relation. Let us consider a right angled triangle ABC with base BC, perpendicular AC and right angle at C, ratio of perpendicular AC to hypotenuse BC is called sin B where B is angle at point B. This angle B can be halved by formula,

sin B = ½.sin B/2.cos B/2. ………………………………………………………….(1)

Examination of this formula reveals that sin of an angle appears in both left hand side LHS and right hand side RHS. This sine on right hand side RHS will reflect it back to the formula of sine written in left hand side LHS. This reflection of sine formula from LHS to RHS and then from RHS to LHS continues indefinitely. But in the process angle B goes on halving from B to B/2, from B/2 to B/4 and so on infinitely. This is analogous to reflection from Post Office to opposite building and opposite building to post office and continuous halving of angle is analogous to localising the house to smaller area.

Equation (1) is recursive relation and applying this formula successively, the angle B will be reduced to infinitesimal value B/2^n. How this angle will be reduced by application of recursive relation is explained in steps below.

sin B = ½.sin B/2.cos B/2.

Therefore, sin B/2 on RHS can be written as 2.sin B/4.cos B/4. That makes

sin B = 2.cos B/2. 2.sin B/4.cos B/4 = 2^2. cos B/2.cos B/4.sin B/4.

Again, sin B/4 on RHS can be written as 2.sin B/8.cos B/8. That makes

sin B = 2^3. cos B/2.cos B/4.2.sin B/8.cos B/8 = 2^3 cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8.sin B/8.

In this way, it can written,

sin B = 2^n cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8…………………………….sin B/2^n. …………………………….(2)

Angle B will go on reducing but for derivation of formula, it has been aborted at n terms.

Let us see what happens to this equation if a little mathematics is applied to it. Sin A = A is true when angle A is very very small tending to zero. In equation (2), B/2^n also tends to zero on successive halving particularly when n tends to infinitely large, therefore, sin B/2^n equals B/2^n. Applying it to equation (2), it transforms to

sin B = 2^n cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8…………………………….B/2^n.

On transposing B/2^n to RHS,

(sin B)/(B/2^n = 2^n cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8……………………………

Or (sin B)/(B/2^n = 2^n cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8……………………………

Or 2^n.(sin B)/(B) = 2^n cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8…………………………

On cancelling 2^n on LHS and RHS,

sin B/B = cos B/2.cos B/4.cos B/8…………………………………. (3)

This is a beautiful formula, first derived by great mathematician Euler and also indirectly used by another great mathematician François Viète. The formula derived here is the outcome of application of recursive relation and was widely used particularly for determining the value of π. Euler used it to factorise sin B in terms of angle whereas François Viète used it as it is.

Another example of recursive relation is angle halving formula for Cosine of an angle. For that I refer to right angled triangle as mentioned before wherein cos B is the ratio of base BC to hypotenuse AC and it can be written as

cos 2.B = 2.cos^2 B – 1 and it can be rearranged as

cos B = {(1+ cos 2.B)/2}^2 = ½.(2+ 2.cos 2.B)^2. …………………………………………………(4)

Examination of equation (2) reveals that it contains cosine of an angle in LHS and also in RHS, therefore, it can form a never ending loop. Cos 2.B in right hand side can be replaced by ½.(2+ 2.cos 4.B)^2 and again cos 4.B again replaced by ½.(2+ 2.cos 8.B)^2 and so on. Therefore, cos B can be written as

I take another example of angle tripling formula whereby sin 3.B is written as

sin 3.B = 3.sin B – 4.sin^3 B = sin B.(3- 4.sin^2 B) or

sin B = sin 3.B/(3- 4.sin^2 B) …………………………………………………………………………………..(6)

Inspection of equation (6) reveals that its RHS has sine of angles in numerator and denominator and LHS also has sine of an angle. In RHS, sin 3.B in numerator will be considered for recursive relation and will be replaced by sin 9.B/(3- 4.sin^2 3.B) and sin 9.B by sin 3^3.B/(3- 4.sin^2 3^2.B) and so on till sin 3^n.B = sin B. At that stage, sin B on LHS and RHS cancels and denominator which is product of terms (3- 4.sin^2 B).(3- 4.sin^2 3.B), …………………{3- 4.sin^2 3^(n-1) B} equals 1, giving rise to an identity.

For illustration, let us take the example of sin π/10.

Here angle B = π/10 which can be written as

sin π/10 = sin 3π/10/(3- 4.sin^2 π/10) = sin 9 π/10/{(3- 4.sin^2 π/10).(3- 4.sin^2 3π/10)}. That is

But sin 9.π/10 = sin π/10, therefore,

Here recursive relation stops when sin^n B equals sin B or – sin B. From this, it can be concluded


Π(3-4.sin^2 3^(j-1) = 1 …………………………………………………………………………..(7)


when sin (3^k B)= sin B and


Π(3-4.sin^2 3^(j-1) = – 1 …………………………………………………………………………(8)


when sin (3^k B)= – sin B.

In this way, a new trigonometric identity is established using recursive relation.

Coming to equation (5) which is an equation that contains roots of root, such continuous nested radicals were first used by François Viète when he derived formula for pi first time from entire Europe. Recently, these have been abundantly used by Indian mathematician Ramanujan. As such, use of recursive relation gave unexpected and astonishing results that mesmerised English mathematician Hardy.

I also experimented on recursive relations and results were encouraging. If you feel a bit interest in it, don’t shy away. Take a note book and jot down a formula. Find all possibilities for its recursive nature, try differently and look for different result. You will find one I am sure and that would be blissful. Do you feel interested in recursive relation, you may go through this article at http://www.ijma.info/index.php/ijma/article/download/5227/3074



1. A part of this article is excerpts from my paper written on “MORE TRIGONOMETRIC IDENTITIES ,” available at http://www.ijma.info/index.php/ijma/article/download/5227/3074

2. Title image courtesy brewbooks at https://www.flickr.com/photos/brewbooks/184343329/

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Writer is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.

Here Negative Energy Is Plentiful. Should We Remove Or Conserve It? 

After finishing morning chores, I took up this shining device in my hand and went through hurriedly messages sent by my friends on WhatsApp conversation. The message “HOW TO INCREASE POSITIVE ENERGY IN OUR HOUSE…..” was blinking on the tiny screen. After going through it, I found, it was more of house keeping than creating positive energy but author was claiming that these activities will remove negative energy and there will be plenty of positive energy. An abstract is given below.

“Fresh air and sunshine will remove negative energy from house. Keep rooms tidy and neat, remove old unwanted things, clutter are attracting magnets of negative energy. Walk barefoot in the house. Wash your feet before entering the house. Sweep and mop the floor with rock salt. Wash and soak your legs and arms with rock water solution. Keep your house well lit and illuminated.”

Coincidentally, there was another message on the same topic of negative energy, that indicated, “Ten signs you have negative energy.”
Courtesy Image Sorrowing old man (“At Eternity’s Gate”)  by Vincent Van Gogh at https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Van_Gogh_-_Trauernder_alter_Mann.jpeg

I could not read this message probably apprehending the likelihood of at least one sign matching with that of my health condition. However, in the earlier message, some do’s and don’t’s were prescribed for removing negativity and bringing positivity. A bit interest in physics and repeatedly mention of word energy, drew my mind to that energy bundles h.f discovered by pioneer quantum physicist Planck. I could not accept the concept of negative energy that was highlighted in the messages. More I read, more my mind diverted to that negative energy which forms antimatter or exotic matter at the mouth of wormhole to keep it open and traversable.

I submit it has been the endeavour of Astrophysicists to discover negative matter or antimatter and theories have been put forth one after the other but all in vain as these theories were all hypotheses that needed experimental verification. And experiments could not prove existence of negative energy or the negative matter. Mathematics ignites the hopes of existence of negative matter but experiment extinguishes it. If negative matter or antimatter were discovered, there had been revolution in physics, present would have been bridged the gap between the present and past and  future could be dragged to present. Such looping of time are called Time like loops and are mathematically feasible. These were observed in analysis of Einstein Theory of General Relativity.

Surely strange would be the phenomenon when utilising such loops, one could hop to past and also to future. So strange were these loops that these once upset Einstein who himself felt uncomfortable by their queerness and junked these in initial stages when theory of general relativity was given recognition. However, his Colleagues did not relent and kept on working on charismatic effects of these loops. Such work is still continuing.

Before proceeding further, I would like to highlight what make these loops queer but charismatic. For that I will refer to time travel, that is going forward in time and also going back in time. Time travelling to past means, one while living in present on planet earth, enters the age of past, how much past one goes, depends upon the juncture or stage at which the loop is conjoined at its ends of present and past. Stage of past may be 100 years or 500 years or even more or less that depends upon the characteristics of timelike loop. Once one enters that age, one may find ones great grand father or still deep ancestor living at that time.

But problem arises, when one face to face, kills ones unmarried ancestor. What would happen to the existence of the great grand son in that circumstance, baffles the physicists. When ones ancestor is dead, cause of birth of one, is extinguished. Question arises, how does that person come into being when his ancestor had died unmarried. This is analogous to giving reply to the question that has not yet been asked. Result has preceded the cause. In physics, such situation is called “Grandfather paradox”.

Physicists have attempted explanation of this paradox as

1) Great grandson when enters the past would never be able to kill his great grand father. If he would attempt to shoot him, aim will be off the target or gun will fall or some event will take place that will preclude him from killing his great grand father.

2) Second explanation given is when great grand son enters the past, he though in front of his great grand father, yet he would be in the universe different from that of his great grand father. His action in the universe other than that of his of great grand father would not affect his great grand father.

What is the correct explanation of this paradox is unknown. Moot question that arises is why we could not time travel till now when progress in physics is manifold. According to me, its answer is attributed to the fact that we could not find negative energy that in term forms negative matter or antimatter.

For synonymity of energy and mass, I submit, of late, the physicists are not expressing mass in grams but it is written in electron volts/ c squared particularly in ‘Particle Physics.’ Since speed of light c is constant, mass is proportional to energy which is expressed in electron volts. Mass and energy are interchangeable and are not different.

Coming to negative energy that is claimed prevalent in destructive thoughts and is the hot topic on whatsApp conversation,  physicists ironically could not experimentally find it. Practically speaking, energy in the universe is all positive. Physicists crave to find negative energy as they know when negative energy were discovered, negative mass or antimatter would be discovered by default. Particles then could move with speed greater than that of light. Antimatter formed from negative energy will be repelled away from the earth instead of falling on earth as apple fell on the ground surprising Newton.

Strangely, whatsApp is full of messages on negative describing how to remove negative and create positive energy. It is also a burning topic of discussion between morning walkers or retired persons who find ways and company to express their views. Negative energy in electronic messages is synonymous with as arising from destructive thought processes, it is something connected with neuroscience or spirituality. But this negativity has now descended upon chemistry of epsom salt that is found in rocks. Or I should say negativity has climbed up rocks of epsom salt.

While sitting in my drawing room, I ponder if negative energy as discussed in whatsApp messages is so widespread and readily available in our houses or at filthy places and we are chasing it out, why we should not collect it and transport it to physicists who are ever willing to pay us heavily in exchange as Dengue afflicted patients are willing to pay exorbitant rate of Rs 2000 for a litre of mammal goat’s milk alleged to be raising platelets counts. Physicists probably do not know the extent of availability of negative energy which we are buzzing off by mopping our floor with ‘Kala Namak’ in this part of globe otherwise they would have placed a mammoth order of negative energy with the government earning it a tankful of foreign currency. This may also be other way round, messenger of such messages may not be in the know of the fact that negative energy is a sought after object that may earn them huge profits and besides it could transport them to the age of their great great grand father or could push them into unseen future. Should we then not keep a secret from such persons?


1.Title Image Of wormhole courtesy Wurmloch at https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wurmloch.jpg#mw-jump-to-license


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Writer is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.

When Bribing Proves Noble 

Accepting or paying bribe is considered one of the most hatred acts and is condemned across the board by one and all including those who indulge in it. They also abhor the word but it is different they may like it if it is secret and unknown to others. Act of receiving or paying bribe oftenly termed as corruption is described as malignant tumour that can only be ridden by severing it of. Bribe and corruption are so detested that hardly will there be a person who can venture up to list it benefits. 

Does it have some salient features worth listing? This question per se appears bizarre and weird as if it implies promoting the aberration that most of the world suffer from. Recent readings have urged me to write about its other side which perhaps is unseen and untouched and this may tantamount to redefining bribe.

In early eighteen century, Guru Gobind Singh, tenth master of Sikhs was fighting mighty Mughal emperors against their repressive acts. His sons, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji and Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji along with Jagat Mata Gujri Ji (mother of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) were arrested by Kotwal (police officer) Jaani Khan of Morinda, India,They were brought to Sirhind before Faujdar Wazir Khan who imprisoned them in the Thanda Burj (cold Fort). Mata Gujri was not in favour of taking meals cooked in the Mughal kitchen in view of the atrocities of Mughal upon other religions and she preferred starvation.

In the area of Sirhind, there lived a man Baba Moti Ram Mehra who was employed in Hindu kitchen of Wazir Khan. Baba Moti Ram Mehra was a noble man who believed in helping the needy. He could not witness tender aged Sahibzadas and their aged grandmother starving while he took sumptuous meals. He expressed his desire before his wife that he wanted to serve young prisoners and their aged grandmother with milk and water. His wife cautioned him as Wazir Khan had already made the proclamation that those who attempted to help the prisoners, would be crushed in oil squeezer. But this warning did not deter Baba Moti Ram Mehra who had already resolved to help Sahibzadas and Jagat Mata Gujri.

“Aren’t you scared, my son?” asked his mother. Baba Mehra ji humbly replied, “Dear mother, our Guru is fighting against injustice of the Mughals. I will serve the great mother and the Sahibzadas. I don’t fear the punishment of the Faujdar. The history will not forgive us if we do not serve the great prisoners.”

Courage and conviction of Baba Mehra Ji transformed the heart of his wife and mother. A candle has lit other candles without diminishing its own light, His wife offered her jewellery and silver coins whatsoever she had in her possession, to give the guards as bribe for accomplishing this mission. She requested Baba Mehra Ji, “Please bribe the gate man of the Burj and request him to keep this act a secret.”

Baba Moti Ram served milk and water to the Sahibzadas and Mata Gujri Ji for three nights.

Finally tender Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji who was barely nine years old and Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji who was barely seven years old when refused conversion to Islam, were bricked alive in a wall. It is touching to read Saka Sirhind (saga of martyrdom) particularly when elder brother Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji asks his younger brother, “You are lucky, being short in stature, to achieve martyrdom prior to I.” Tradition says that in the first attempt, wall crumbled down of its own when it reached chest height. Finally they were bricked and when news of death of Sahibzadas was broken to Mata Gujri, she collapsed and died. It was then also known that Baba Mehra Ji and his family had helped Sahibzadas, they were crushed in KOHLU, oil squeezer on the charge of helping the prisoners.

Here the gateman was bribed and he allowed Baba Mehra Ji to take milk and water for Sahibzadas and their grandmother yet this bribe paid for the service of needy was more sacred than worship. It was, in fact, an offering to Almighty to seek his blessing in the mission of helping the helpless.

Another related incident that I could not erase from my mind pertains to the period of Second World War. This remained hidden in the leaves of history books and was unearthed as late as 1999 when some students at rural Uniontown High School in Kansas USA began researching possible projects for the National History Day competition.

Their teacher Norman Conrad showed them title “Irena Sendler saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942–43.” This article appeared in US News And World Report. Initially, the students thought the figure were 250 and there was typographical error. Saving 2500 children that makes at least five children a day seems impossible act to them. But as they prepared for their play, “Life In A Jar,” they researched more on the life of angelic lady Irena Sendler. As it was a case of more than seventy years back, they thought of going to her grave to pay respect to the noble lady but their joy knew no bounds when they came to know Irena Sendler was still alive. After meeting the lady personally, the students and their teachers had gathered sufficient information for the play. The play won the National History Day competition and also brought Irena Sendler to limelight.

Irena Sendler was a catholic christian and was highly impressed by altruistic nature of her father. Her father was a doctor who saved a number of patients suffering from typhus that was endemic at that time. But it also cost him his life as he also suffered from typhus which he acquired from his patients. Her father advised young Irena, “If a man is drowning, it is irrelevant what is his religion or nationality. One must help him.” Irena never forgot these words during her lifetime.

When young, she objected to segregating children on basis of religion in the school. During Second World War, she worked as nurse and joined Zegota which was the Council for Aid to Jews in Occupied Poland, a branch of the Polish underground. She was given the duty of children Department. Jews were confined to walled ghetto and initially, she brought out the children found on streets of ghetto to Orphanages with information to the parents. As the Nazis guards were alert, she adopted different ways, she would either put them in coffins or under corpses or in ambulances or in boxes and transported them to safe places.

Jewish Children In Ghetto

Two methods generally adopted by her were sneaking out children from ghetto through two buildings that squatted the gate. One building was church and other was courthouse. She used to teach young children basic Christianity in the spacious building of the church, removed their yellow star identity and put new clothes. These children were then pushed out of church front gate and even the vigilant eyes of Nazi guards could not detect their new identity.  

All these acts were done neatly and meticulously by Irena who would note down the particulars of their identities along with the place they were smuggled out so that they can be reunited with their parents at a later stage. Such lists were put in a jar and jars buried in ground in front of her friends house under an apple tree. Children too young to be taught Christianity for camouflaging their identities were taken in funeral vans or ambulances. If the infant being smuggled out cried, she would press the paw of the dog she had kept for this purpose. As the dog barked, other dogs outside also barked at Irena’s dog, the cocktailed sound suppressed the crying sound of the child and that made detection impossible.

  Tragically, Irena was arrested by the Germans on October 20, 1943–five months after the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. Her address had been revealed by an informer. She was tortured and beaten for several days; one leg and one foot were fractured. She refused to reveal the whereabouts of the children, or the names of anyone in Zegota. She was scheduled to be executed but members of Zegota bribed a guard to instead leave her in the woods, where they found and rescued her. Her name was printed on public lists of those who had been shot by German guards and she spent the rest of the war in hiding. After the war, she tried to reunite the children with their parents but most of the parents were executed.

Image of Irena Sendler with some people she saved as children: 

In 2003, Pope John Paul II sent Sendler a personal letter praising her wartime efforts. On 10 November 2003, she received the Order of the White Eagle, Poland’s highest civilian decoration and the Polish-American award, the Jan Karski Award “For Courage and Heart”, given by the American Centre of Polish Culture in Washington, D.C.

In 2006, Polish NGOs Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej and Stowarzyszenie Dzieci Holocaustu, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Life in a Jar Foundation established the “Irena Sendler’s Award: For Repairing the World” ( awarded to Polish and American teachers. The Life in a Jar Foundation is a foundation dedicated to promoting the attitude and message of Irena Sendler.

In 2007, and again in 2008, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize from Poland, with support from numerous prominent personalities along with IFSW associations. On 14 March 2007, Sendler was honoured by the Polish Senate and a year later, on 30 July, by the American Congress. On 11 April 2007, she received the Order of the Smile, at that time she was the oldest recipient of the award. In 2007 she became an honorary citizen of the cities of Warsaw and Tarczyn. On the occasion of the Order of the Smile award, she mentioned that the award from children is among her favorite ones, along with the Righteous among the Nations award and the letter from the Pope. Irena passed away on May 12, 2008, and was interred in Warsaw’s Powazki cemetery–a place reserved for the elite among Poland’s artists, writers, scholars and war heroes.

In April 2009 she was posthumously granted the Humanitarian of the Year award from The Sister Rose Thering Endowment, and in May 2009, Sendler was posthumously granted the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award. Around this time American filmmaker Mary Skinner filmed a documentary, Irena Sendler, In the Name of Their Mothers, featuring the last interviews Sendler gave before her death.   

Coming to bribing Nazi Guards, life of Irena Sendler was saved from the jaws of death when Nazis received the information that she had been saving the Jew children. It was the bribe paid to the guards that spared her life. Such bribe, in no terms can be considered a ‘BRIBE’ that had saved the life of a noble person. It was again an offering to Almighty rather than the hatred bribe. In common parlance, the bribe although appears offensive, but here it acted in furtherance of virtuous deeds.it can then be concluded, purpose that bribe will serve, matters and if purpose is pious, it is as revered as offering to God, if purpose is bad, it certainly is a crime. It can then be said that it is mens rea that decides an offence but once it goes missing from bribe, bribe turns a virtuous act. The word bribe then should not raise our eyebrows at least when we know intention behind it is pious and noble. If purpose of saving the life of innocents, helping the needy, taking care of helpless and dependent can be accomplished by bribe, the bribe would always be noble and virtuous act.


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Writer is an Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering graduate and was earlier Scientist, then Instrument Maintenance Engineer, then Civil Servant in Indian Administrative Service (IAS). After retirement, he writes on subjects, Astronomy, Mathematics, Yoga, Humanity etc.